[New Spell] Earth Arise!

Earth Arise!

‘That is a long jump,’ exclaimed the gnome illusionist as he looked down over the ledge.

‘As short as you are it must really be far,’ quipped the elf ranger.

The gnome looked at the elf and scowled.

‘That isn’t going to help us get down there,’ the gnome said.

Suddenly Fellhorn the druid joined them.

‘The hobgoblins are distracted for now. Did you two find a way out of here?’ the druid asked.

The demi-humans both pointed over the edge of the narrow ledge.

‘Haven’t you gotten a rope between you?’ Fellhorn asked.

‘We don’t have anything to tie one to,’ replied the gnome.

The druid rolled his eyes.

‘Do I have to do EVERYTHING?’ he asked as he walked to the edge then began whispering a spell.

Gnome and elf watched as a square shaped piece of earth rose to the ledge. All three hurried onto the column as it slowly began to lower towards the level below.

‘Honestly, you two,’ the druid said as he glared at illusionist and ranger.

Earth Arise! (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 30′.

Duration: One minute per level of caster.

This spell allows the caster to raise a 5’x5′ square of earth up to 20′ (+5’/level) off of the ground. The sides of this square column are smooth and difficult to climb. While the spell is active the druid may raise or lower the column at will. Up to four tightly packed human-sized figures can fit on this column. When the spell is over the column slowly lowers to the ground and melds back in to the earth.

Variant: A 5′ diameter column of water can be substituted over a river, lake, pond or larger body of water instead.

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