[New Magic Item] Pokli’s Spellbook

Pokli’s Spellbook

‘We are going to use THAT to anchor our rope?’ the elf ranger asked in disbelief as he pointed to the small leather bound tome.

‘Yes, do not panic,’ replied the gnome as he looked over the cliff and fastened the knot.

‘We have a trio of minotaurs bearing down on us, excuse me if I panic a little!’ retorted the elf.

Fellhorn the druid threw a spell at the minotaurs that seemed to slow two of them down considerably. The raging beastman that was unhindered stopped to assist its companions as the druid turned, grabbed the rope and looked over the cliff.

‘How will you retrieve your spellbook?’ the druid asked as he started to descend.

‘I’m not going down just yet, meet you at that shabby inn just south of the woods,’ replied the gnome as he started to fade from sight with a toothy grin.

The elf ranger sighed very heavily and descended the rope right after Fellhorn.

‘Be safe,’ the elf said hoping the invisible illusionist would hear.

He heard, but said nothing in typical fashion as he turned to throw his own spells at the monstrous humanoids.

A very rare magical spellbook that is offered for sale to curious spellcasters. Supplied with one random 2nd level spell of the caster’s class, non-spellcasters also find uses as a notebook or even a diary, plus the other benefits.

Benefit: This nondescript looking spellbook has a leather cover and about two hundred bound pages. When sold or given to a spellcaster the book will generate a random 2nd level spell that the caster can learn and use, if they already have the spell they can now cast it twice in one day without penalty. In addition, the book’s owner, if within 15′, can will the book to be as light as a feather or the tome appears to be ridiculously heavy, seeming to gain 1d100+200 lbs, causing this fluctation in weight with a secret word.

Usable by: Anyone. Usually a spellcaster.

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