[New Spell] Transform Swarm

Transform Swarm

‘I’ve got this,’ Knat the druidess said confidently as she called up a swarm of insects to pester the marauding bugbears.

A strange robed figure stepped out from the shadows and cast a spell. The insects seemed to pile on to each other until they formed a titanic ant that ignored the bugbear thugs and turned its attention on the wizard, druidess and priest of the Spider God.

‘No fair!’ Knat shouted at the unmoving figure that had transformed the ants into one humungous behemoth of an ant.

Valance called a herd of giant spiders to harass the gigantic ant while Chalk cast his own magic that caused grasping giant earthen hands to emerge from the ground and hold the titan in place.

‘Next option, we run,’ suggested Valance and the others nodded as they backed up slowly.

Transform Swarm (Cleric, Druid, Magic-user)

Level 5/5/5

Range: Line of sight.

Duration: One turn per level of caster.

This spell allows a spellcaster to transform any swarm in sight (locusts, rats, spiders-if there is a mix one creature can be chosen by the caster) into a 10HD monster with 45 hit points. This titanic creature deals 3d8 points of damage per attack (bite, stomp, pincers, etc) and is under the control of the caster for ten minutes per level of the caster or until dispelled, at which time the creatures revert back to their normal form. If the swarm was conjured by another spellcaster that individual may attempt to regain control of the transformed swarm by making an appropriate attribute save (Wisdom for clerics and druids, Intelligence for Magic-users) with a +1 modifier for each level higher the casting mage is. If they are the same level or lower the save is unmodified.

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