New Magic Item] Divog’s Gauntlet

Divog’s Gauntlet

Stork felt a mighty hand on his shoulder as he tried to slip away from another fiasco.

‘Not this time, wizard!’ said a booming voice. It was a disreputable wearing a strange metal glove that extended his arm to able to grab the wily sorcerer.

‘Unhand me you fool, this is intolerable!’ Stork protested.

Wizard and bounty hunter both turned as eerie shadowy monsters could be seen lurking nearby. The constable relented his grip for just a moment in surprise and that was all it took for Stork to squirm free.

‘Run!’ Vistis the Blue Mage shouted at his adventuring companion.

Already ahead of the game Stork cast a quick spell and he blinked out of view.

The bounty hunter turned and grumbled at Vistis.

‘You have a bounty on your head too, you will do!’ the bounty hunter said with a toothy smile.

Shadow monsters pounced on the human as he screamed and thrashed about.

‘Not today, I’m afraid,’ Vistis said with a grin from behind his heavily lacquered mask as he paused a moment to watch the carnage before leaving.

An unusual magical gauntlet. Is it the product of a genius wizard or a found piece of super science from a previous civilization?

Benefit: In combat this heavy gauntlet can ‘telescope’ 5′ per level of its wearer and deal 1d6+1 damage per level of character (up to 12th level and then this bonus remains at +12 despite the character’s higher level). Therefore a 4th level fighter can punch someone up to 20′ away for 1d6+4 damage. This magical gauntlet adds 1 to overall Armor Class and the extended gauntlet utilizes the character’s full AC in terms of defense. This magic item can also be used to ‘lock on’ to an item or person with a Strength Attribute check being needed to break free of the gauntlet’s grip. Weighs heavy when not worn, is very light when it is donned.

Usable by: Anyone who can wear metal armor.

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  1. King kong says:

    Nice thanks for sharing…

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