[New Monster] Wrompit Bookbearer

Wrompit Bookbearer

‘I’d suggest we plan on a rather nasty confrontation,’ the gnome illusionist told his companions.

‘And why is that?’ asked the elf ranger.

‘See that wizard over there by the fireplace? See that thing holding that huge tome for him? Does it look fluffy and harmless?’ answered the gnome.

Fellhorn the druid and the elf looked over at the fiendish and fanged creature that bore a big spellbook for the mage who was pouring over its pages.

‘With those two knights that just came in I would tend to agree with you,’ the druid said as he pointed a thumb at two knights that had just entered the building and seemed to immediately fix their stares on the strange wizard and the creature bearing his spellbook.
The wizard leaned forward and murmured something to his cohort who snickered, handed the wizard a wand and immediately disappeared. The foul wizard stood, wand in one hand.

‘Here we go,’ Fellhorn said just before beginning a spell of his own.

Wrompit Bookbearer: AC 7 [12], HD 1+1 (5hp), Att 1× bite or claw (1d4), THAC0 16 [+3], MV 120’ (40’), SV D10 W11 P13 B15 S16 (3), ML 10, AL As associated spellcaster, XP 75, NA 1, TT L,N,O ▶: Blink As blink dog, except 1d3x10′ radius. With initiative can attack and escape without a counter-attack. Spells: Knows two 1st level spells of same class as associated spellcaster.

Small (2½ to 3 foot tall) minor humanoid entities that make a pact with a spellcaster to act as a spare familiar and ‘go-fer’, often carrying heavy spellbooks and other arcane items. The form the creature takes is dependent on the Alignment/outlook of the associated spellcaster, the appearance does not always affect the actual abilities or attributes of the creature (i.e. a skeletal bookbearer is not truly undead, it just appears to be and cannot be turned as undead, although wings will grant a hovering, slow flight as gills will allow breathing underwater). These creatures are often, but not always, robed and carry spare scrolls, potion and sometimes treasure for the spellcaster, utilizing pockets as much as possible. There is no telepathic link between bookbearer and spellcaster, nor a hit point penalty to the spellcaster if the bookbearer is killed.

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