[New Spell] Clones, Are We All?

Clones, Are We All?

Valance twirled around deftly on one foot, surrounded by….himself?

‘This cannot be right,’ the priest of the Spider God said aloud.

‘All of these Chalks? No it isn’t,’ one of the Valances said.

‘I don’t see Chalk, I just see me,’ Valance said.

‘And I just see me,’ said Chalk, who only saw others as himself.

‘I know. The spiders will know the real me. And really, if they don’t, the right spider’s kiss can be a fun trip,’ one of many Chalks said.

‘One, okay, you are Valance, obviously, even of you look and sound like me. And two, no…’ Chalk was saying to another Chalk when suddenly several eerie green spiders descended from the ceiling. One delicately bit each Chalk on the head or neck except for the one that he knew was not Chalk. Then the walls started breathing and pulsating and all of the other Chalks in the room looked distorted and bizarre.

‘That sorted that out. Now to find the real Chalk,’ Valance said.

Clones, Are We All? (Illusionist)

Level 4

Range: 40′ radius +5’/level.

Duration: One turn per level of caster.

When cast the illusionist may decide who is affected within the target area of the spell. All of those affected may make a Save versus Spells roll with a -2 modifier. All who fail their Save see every other living sentient being as….themselves, regardless of species, undead, constructs and extra-planar creatures are not affected by this magic. There is no way to differentiate themselves from others visually. While the voices also sound the same, this is a way to tell others apart, although many are dubious about this due to the visual similarities to themselves. Those not effected are often similarly confused because they see everyone as who they are and to them those affected are possibly insane. When the spell’s time is up everyone can see others for who they are again.

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