[New Magic Item] Spellseeking Sword

Spellseeking Sword

Valance and Chalk were discussing their next adventure when Valance suddenly paused.

‘What is it?’ Chalk asked.

‘In the corner, that character that tried stabbing me twice already. How does he know where to find me?’ replied the priest of the Spider God.

‘Hmmm, we were only together once when he attacked. Is there a bounty on your head for something?’ the wizard said, puzzled.

Valance tipped his head to one side and raised an eyebrow.

‘Of course, there is always a bounty on your head,’ Chalk said.

Valance grinned wide despite himself then closed his eyes and began murmuring a prayer to his deity. Moments later spiders began to appear and both cleric and wizard noticed that the stranger’s sword was now glowing an eerie green faintly.

‘That’s it! A sword that seeks out certain types of magic,’ Valance said, snapping his fingers. Then he turned to the attendant spiders and pointed at his pursuer.

‘No mercy!’

With blinding speed the man leaped up and then out a window, a trail of spiders scuttling after him.

This well made and shiny short sword was found on the body of an ogre mercenary, its origins therefore unknown. Any thief, assassin or witch hunter that hears about this blade will try to get their hands in it.

Benefit: This enchanted short sword will lead its owner towards any particular spell being cast, such as Charm, Glamour, Faerie Fire, or any Healing magic. The type of magic is not discerned, only specific spells, which will often reveal the sort of caster, although some spells are shared among classes. The weapon will seek out one spell at a time and if it has been cast within 48 hours the sword will gently pull it’s owner in the direction of the spell, the most recent casting in the case of multiple occurences. This short sword deals normal damage and 1d6+2 to the caster of the spell it is seeking when/if that being is found.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a short sword.

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