[New Magic Item] Scramblemorph Amulet

Scramblemorph Amulet

‘I’d be careful with any transformation magic exercised too close to Princess Brithi,’ Ordin the court wizard whispered to the visiting mage.

‘Whatever to you mean?’ inquired Zoxlo.

‘I know you. And I know something else. She has a charm upon her. The last sorcerer that tried to shapechange around her was hauled out of court with writing tentacles and hooves,’ Ordin replied.

Zoxlo was visibly startled by this yet tried to regain his composure.

‘As I thought. Mind yourself around that one, she is tricky,’ the court wizard said.

As if she had heard Princess Brithi glanced over at the two spellcasters.

‘What are you two devils conspiring over there?’ she asked with a wink of her eye.

Zoxlo fainted on the spot and woke up unceremoniously dumped outside in the courtyard, upon the suggestion of Ordin, no doubt.

It is rumored that a fey army, lead by a sorceress of some renown, once razed a city looking for this small enchanted item after a diplomatic situation went awry for the sorceress and several fey.

Benefit: Any time any creature tries to polymorph self or other, via spell or natural ability (except for were creatures, who are immune to this magic) within 30′ of the wearer of this amulet they must make a Saving Throw versus Polymorph with a -2 modifier or have their transformation not go as planned. When this happens parts are distorted or exchanged for others (tentacles for arms when a minor cosmetic change was desired) and all sorts of horns and hooves appear. This botched transformation will last for 2d4 hours, dropping Charisma to 6 in the process. At the end of this nightmare another Save is rolled, with no modifier. If this one is failed the unwanted polymorph is permanent except for Wish, Alter Reality, etc. In this situation Illusion magic is treated as if it were actual attempts at transformation.

Usable by: Anyone.

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