[New Magic Item] Sword of Ghostbinding

Sword of Ghostbinding

Bakra-do first heard the sword before he saw it. Rumors he had heard in town had told of an amateur adventurer somehow finding or inheriting this magical blade and going off to slay monsters with it. The seasoned mercenary heard the ghostly cackling and knew it must be the ghostbinding blade. Then he saw its owner as the two squared off in a forest clearing.

‘Ahoy, bandit! Fear my blade lest you join this cacophony of souls!’ the young man shouted.

‘Relax. I am not a bandit,’ said Bakra-do.

‘Just what a bandit would say!’ exclaimed the excited young man as the strange cackling surrounded him.

‘Don’t get yourself hurt, kid,’ the mercenary said as a clear warning.

Taking this as a threat the adventurer lunged. Bakra-do frowned and parried the longsword deftly. The mercenary seized the blade from the fighter’s hand and threatened him with his own blade.

‘Do you want to join these ghosts?’ he asked the young man who stood frozen for a moment then ran off.

The ghosts revealed themselves to Bakra-do and laughed insanely.

A unique enchanted blade that is as much as burden as a boon. The reputation of the blade sometimes causes a commotion in civilized areas when it is in the vicinity.

Benefit: In combat this longsword deals 1d8+2 damage, but even as a magical blade it does not harm incorporeal undead. Instead this blade creates ghosts of those that it kills, keeping the souls of sentient creatures on the material plane, bound to the sword. Up to six earthbound souls will flutter around the sword, being visible at will. These ghosts are often a bit unhinged by their predicament and are of little help other than causing Fear (as per the spell) three times per day, which affects living creatures of up to 5HD yet they do not attack in any other way. This can manifest as spectral apparitions suddenly appearing or ghostly cackling from an unknown source. A Remove Curse or Exorcise spell cast upon the sword will free the souls currently bound to it so that they may travel on to the afterlife.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a sword.

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