[New Spell] Conspiratorial Flora

Conspiratorial Flora

‘Get a hold of yourself,’ Chalk told Valance as the latter slammed the shutters closed of the nearest window.

‘I am fine, I just thought that those marigolds on the window sill were mocking me,’ replied the priest of the Spider God as he sat at the table and sulked.

‘Marigolds? What are you talking about?’ inquired the wizard.

‘Oh, they all laughed at me on the way back here. Marigolds, daisies, daphodils, even the roses! Even the shrubbery!,’ Valance answered.

‘You really need to not gamble with those druids anymore, they are getting to you,’ Chalk said.

‘It couldn’t be them, could it?’ Valance asked aloud.

‘Why else would you think plants are plotting against you? I have never heard of such a thing before,’ Chalk said. ‘We had better ask Knat about this the next time we see her.’

‘Good idea,’ Valance said as he looked over his shoulder at the far window. The quartet of pansies seemed to gently sway and the priest of the Spider God thought he heard faint laughter as he got up and slammed the shutters shut for the window too.

Conspiratorial Flora (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 10’+5’/level.

Duration: One turn per level of caster.

Individuals under the effect of this spell believe that nearby plant life is not only sentient, but also out to get them. Small, harmless plants seem to whisper rumors while trees and shrubs plot the downfall of those affected by this spell. This spell causes most of those affected to try to be away from plants altogether and encountering an actual flora type of monster, such as a Shambling Mound will cause the individual to flee the area in Fear as per the spell for one day. There is no Saving Throw for this spell.

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