[New Magic Item] Spellbook of Probable Rumors

Spellbook of Probable Rumors

‘Why do you keep fiddling with your new spellbook, what is so amusing about it?’ Stork asked his traveling companion Vistis the Blue Mage.

The illusionist smirked behind his heavily lacquered mask.

‘Just going over some notes regarding a spell,’ Vistis replied.

Stork smirked himself, not convinced.

‘We should check out the water mill, it is rumored that an old wizard stashed a few magical items there,’ the wizard suggested.

Vistis thumbed through his spellbook quickly.

‘I heard instead that he stashed some things under the old blacksmith’s shop,’ the illusionist countered.

‘We just got here, where did you hear that?’ asked a skeptical Stork.

Vistis remained silent simply staring from behind his mask.

‘Okay, you search one place and I will search the other if that makes you happy. We meet at the tavern,’ the wizard said.

The illusionist nodded and grinned behind his mask, shuffling off to find the blacksmith’s while Stork stood a moment, baffled by this exchange, then he took off towards the sounds of running water.

Often kept hidden as a secret spellbook by wizard-spies these enchanted tomes are usually not as fretted over as they were in darker times.

Benefit: Appearing as an ordinary spellbook containing about sixty pages for spells and random notes, the last page is always left blank. Whenever a new village, hamlet, town or city is entered by the bearer of one of these enchanted tomes the last page will, within 1d4 hours, suddenly contain 2d6 rumors about the area (inhabited and vicinity). While these rumors are not all true often fifty percent are true and this information can be used to compare with any rumors gathered off of the local populace.

Usable by: Anyone who can read Common can read the last page of this spellbook, usually in the possession of a magic-user or an illusionist.

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