[New Magic Item] Flosor’s Charm Hammer

Flosor’s Charm Hammer

The mercenary Bakra-do clenched his teeth as he saw his new companion, Argyd the Agile take a blow from the strange hammer held by the smug dwarf. Argyd first grimaced in pain then looked dumbly at the dwarf who immediately pointed to Bakra-do.

‘Attack!’ the dwarf roared as he raised the war hammer in his own hands and charged the mercenary alongside the charmed thief.

‘I knew taking on a partner was a bad idea,’ Bakra-do said to himself as he drew another short sword and squared off against dwarf and former ally.

Many say the Flosor was a great warrior who was loved by many, others swear he was a ruthless demigod, either way, this famous fighter left a very interesting magical weapon behind.

Benefit: Once per day this magical war hammer can Charm (Person or Monster) one living individual as per the magic-user spell. The hammer must deal damage for this magic to work (1d6+1) and the target is allowed a Saving Throw with a minus one modifier. If the Save is failed the target is Charmed. Only one subject may be Charmed at a time. Affects creatures up to 6HD. Further attacks upon those enchanted by the wielder of this weapon instantly breaks the magic.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a war hammer.

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