[New Spell] Awaken Heartless

Awaken Heartless

Bakra-do pierced the heart of Dalvis Klov with one of his short swords. The bandit king laughed in response. Frustrated the mercenary plunged another short sword into his quarry. More laughter.

‘So much for dead,’ Bakro-do said as he slapped a pair of manacles on Dalvis Klov before the bandit could react.

‘How about alive? They do say that the duke enjoys torture, you go back alive then,’ the mercenary said with an indifferent shrug.

As the horror of possibilities set in Klov began begging for mercy, even offering to tell his captor where is heart really was.

Awaken Heartless (Magic-user)

Level 5

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: Permanent unless reversed by Wish or similar magic.

This spell causes the target to go into a deep slumber for 1d4 hours. When they awake, the target realizes that their heart no longer beats within their chest, it is, in fact, gone, teleported away and still beating sealed in a silver urn hidden somewhere within two miles. Considered a curse by some others seek out this spell because until the heart itself stops beating the subject will not die, even if reduced to negative hit points, only being completely burned to ashes or dissolved in corrosive acid will kill the target of this spell. Being dismembered while under the effects of this spell can be very painful and awkward even though the average stabbing or cut causes no pain. If the heart is discovered and destroyed the person will die and cannot be resurrected. This spell, even if reversed can only be cast upon a being once.

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