[New Magic Item] Ziv’s Steady Stilts

Ziv’s Steady Stilts

‘Almost there….,’ Vistis the Blue Mage said to encourage Stork. The latter was walking through a rather deep and treacherous part of the Mistmire Bog.

‘Is this the best way through?’ complained the wizard as he slogged through the muck, himself dry thanks to the long legs of the enchanted stilts.

‘This is the most dangerous way through and the slowest without these stilts,’ the illusionist replied.’We are making great time with them.’

Stork turned and lowered himself to the ground then raised the stilts again with a magical command and, with a rope, lowered the high end towards Vistis. The illusionist recovered the stilts, lowered them, climbed on and raised them again to follow Stork’s path. They did this another half dozen times through the roughest patches until they left the deadly bog behind them and were, to their estimation, ahead of their quarry.

‘These stilts were useful, I will admit, but what do we do with them now?’ Stork asked.

‘We can stash them here for our journey back or we can carry them onward,’ Vistis replied.

‘Journey back through that?’ Stork asked as he pointed to the bog.

‘I will carry them then,’ the illusionist said as Stork smiled, revealing his sharklike teeth.

An unusual magic item, this set of stilts is quite useful in a pinch, although who gets to pack them around all of the time, a hireling? Enchanted oak and very sturdy.

Benefit: These magical stilts can be used to cross rivers and allow one to walk through dangerous or messy areas unscathed. One can also use them to cross narrow chasms by ‘falling forward’ as long as the gap is not too wide. These stilts will magically “telescope” the legs up to 30′ (which general projects a Medium sized character four meters above the ground) high upon using a command word and one cannot lose their balance or have the legs cut down by mundane means, although a being with Strength greater than 13 can attempt to push over the stilts with an Attribute check and bladed weapons of more than +2 magical enchantment can be used to cut these stilts. If ten points of damage or more is dealt to this magic item with such a weapon the enchantment is instantly broken and the stilts are mundane and rendered useless.

Usable by: Anyone with at least two arms and legs.

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