[New Magic Item] Duck Boots

Duck Boots

‘How are those annoying halflings always getting ahead of us? I cannot see another boat on this river,’ asked a puzzled Murgi, a thief of no small reputation.

‘I do not know, my friend, but if they keep this up I will turn one of them into a goat and see if he will talk after I turn him back,’ replied the wizard Govno.

In the nearby reeds the two halfling thieves snickered to themselves and submerged back into the lazy river.

A worn pair of yellowish leather boots often overlooked in a treasure hoard. Those who use them find them handy, most of the time. Among folk who live along rivers these boots are very sought after and always in demand.

Benefit: Any living creature putting their feet into these boots will have their feet transform into those of a duck. This allows the individual to swim at double their normal speed in the water and they can hold their breathe for up to ten minutes underwater while their gear stays completely dry and they remain warm. Upon leaving the water the individual retains the webbed feet of a duck for 1d4 hours afterwards, going back into the water begins this process again, adding the previous time if it had not elapsed. These webbed feet on land reduce movement by 10′.

Usable by: Anyone with a pair of feet.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Duck Boots

  1. Byron says:

    Nice! An excellent magic item!

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