[New Magic Item] Cape of Glass Weapons

Cape of Glass Weapons

Knat the druidess balked as the sorceress with the purple cape somehow turned her spear into glass then broke it, shattering her weapon into hundreds of pieces.
‘I liked that spear a lot!’ the druidess screamed as the sorceress shrugged indifferently.

Knat gritted her teeth and cast a spell that caused the vines near the sorceress try to entangle her. With a few short thrusts of her dagger the sorceress cut herself free as Knat closed in to incapacitate her and two of her brutish henchmen lurched about in the background.

Knat stopped short and decided to retreat, still controlling the vones which waved menacingly at the henchmen.

‘This isn’t over yet!’ Knat shouted at the sorceress who only laughed mockingly in return, further infuriating the druidess.

A vibrant purple cape that looks very stylish and makes one a target if the enchantment is discovered. Wear with caution as it tends to anger most enemies even more.

Benefit: When worn this cape gives its wearer the ability to turn the weapons of others into glass. If the wearer’s weapon touches the weapon of an enemy that enemy must make a Save versus Petrification or have their weapon turn to glass, even a magical weapon can be transformed in this manner, although Greater Magic Items and Artifacts gain a +2 to the roll to save. A Remove Curse spell will return any transformed weapon back to its original state if the weapon is not broken as 5hp or more of damage will shatter the weapon into hundreds of tiny shards of glass.

Usable by: Anyone.

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