[New Magic Item] Helm of True Names

Helm of True Names

‘At least it gets us a seat up at the bar on wizard’s night,’ Vonolv Starsinger said to his companion weaing the outlandish helmet next to him.

The dwarf laughed heartily.

‘Aye, that it does,’ agreed Chorn Oxheart the dwarf.
‘Where did all of my business go?’ lamented the barman as he returned from the cellar.

Elf and dwarf shrugged.

‘We will have two pints to start with though,’ the dwarf said gruffly (as dwarves do) and tossed several pieces of silver on the top of the bar.

This helmet is of ancient dwarf make, high domed and intricate. Those who know of its powers sometimes just run.

Benefit: This helmet of leather, wood and metal grants the wearer +1 to their Armor Class and in addition, if concentrating for three rounds, the wearer can know the true name of any individual within their line of sight. This can not only unmask disguised characters but also make life rather tricky for some spellcasters and extra-planar entities.

Usable by: Anyone who can wear a metal helmet.

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