[New Magic Item] Ancient Sword of the Dead Kings

Ancient Sword of the Dead Kings

Among the pounding drums strange instruments could be heard, then a voice from nowhere began wailing a fast paced song as the strange elf brandished his sword and confidently strode forward.

The brigands regarded each other. Then one screamed out, a shrill cry, and ran off. The remaining bandit turned to see the elf smiling coldly. Then he dropped his weapon on the spot and ran too.

‘I get out of more skirmishes that way,’ the elf said to himself as the music slowly faded in the background.

A master-crafted sword of silver and gold. A curious stylized amalgamation of two letters make up the pommel. Not to be used with similar swords or other weapons.

Benefit: The wielder of this sword may invoke its power twice per day to cause a song or particular piece of music to be heard within a 40′ radius that will cause the wielder and all allies in this area to be +1 to hit and +2 to damage all foes in the vicinity. In addition all foes must make a Save versus Petrification of flee the area in Fear as per the spell. If three or more of these swords have their power invoked at the same time overlapping the area of effect the resulting discord cancels the benefits of the power. Effect lasts for roughly 1d4+2 minutes each use.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a sword.

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