[New Spell] One Last Journey

One Last Journey

Guvno cast the spell on the shore of the large lake as his companion, Murgi the thief looked about nervously.

‘I hear them in the trees,’ the thief whispered.

A small paddle-boat broke the water and the two adventurers hurried into it just as the goblins broke from the trees, screaming and waving weapons in the air.

‘Row for it!’ Guvno shouted as he threw another spell at the goblin warband, this one scattered them with strange explosive colors.

The thief rowed towards the center of the lake, getting out of range of the goblin arrows.

‘Now what?’ Murgi asked.

‘We need to get to the shoreline somewhere safely,’ the wizard replied.

‘Is there a rush?’ the thief asked.

‘When this spell is done the wood of this boat becomes dust and we are then swimming in this lake,’ Guvno answered.

Just then something in the water nudged the boat just enough to encourage Murgi to row for the far shore.

One Last Journey (Magic-user)

Level 1

Range: 100′.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This magic conjures a ruined boat, ship, wagon or cart, as long as the pieces are recognizable as once being the mode of transportation that they were and the vehicle is restored for one more trip. No crew or drivers are provided and no draft animals, yet the vehicle will be sturdy and reliable until the end of the spell, when the mode of transportation will disintegrate and this spell will not longer work upon it.

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