[New Spell] Tickle of the Invisible Tentacle

Tickle of the Invisible Tentacle

Bakra-do grimaced as he struggled, held fast by an unseen tentacle. In his shock the seasoned mercenary had even dropped one of his swords. The bandits closed in, weary of the sword he still retained a grip on, their spellcaster standing a safe distance away.

‘What do you want?’ Bakra-do snarled as he struggled against the arcane constriction.

‘For you to fade into the background, to leave us alone,’ one of the bandits said.

‘Your leader has too big a price on his head,’ the mercenary replied.

‘Are you hard of hearing?’ one of the toughs asked.

‘I will kill you all if I have to once I escape this spell, or you can let me do my job,’ Bakra-do said calmly.

The bandits and their wizard looked at each other for a moment and then they scattered off into the night.

Tickle of the Invisible Tentacle (Magic-user)

Level 2

Range: 60′.

Duration: One round per level of caster.

Less of a tickle and more of a harsh constriction, this spell will cause one individual targeted by the caster to suddenly feel as if they are constricted by a giant python or the tentacle of a large octopus. After one round of being held the subject may attempt a Strength attribute check to break free and creatures with more than 5HD can break free after one round on a result of 3 or more on 1d6. There is a 65% chance of the target of the spell dropping anything held in their hand when this spell is cast upon them.

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