[New Magic Item] Geas Band

Geas Band

Chalk, Valance and Knat where enjoying a drink at the Drunken Dragon Inn when a bedraggled adventurer approached and told them a tale of woe regarding a cursed ring he had put on his finger and how it had taken him a year to figure out how to remove it. He looked the three spellcasters over and asked Knat to help him and grant him a quest.

‘Do you think I will go easier on you than these two?’ the druidess asked with a mischievous grin.

‘I thought…,’ the man began.

‘You thought that ring was a good idea too,’ come back tomorrow and we will discuss this further.

Shoulders slumped, the man drifted off into the crowd.

‘What is the most devious quest we can come up with?’ Knat asked the others and the three put their heads together to come up with a really gruelling quest.

A beautifully wrought golden ring with intertwined silver braids that swirl around it. A single bright blue gem is set within it.

Benefit: This ring will gravitate towards a fore- or middle finger and when worn this enchanted band causes the wearer to immediately take off all other magical items and only mundane weapons and armor may be used. The ring sticks tightly and will not come off. All attacks and damage are now at -1 until the wearer of the ring fulfills a Geas, or quest for a magic-user, druid or illusionist of at least 4th level. After which time the ring is easily removed and will disappear when taken off to reappear somewhere else at random.

Usable by: Anyone.

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