[New Monster] Vodno-Village Daemon

Vodno-Village Daemon

The mercenary Bakra-do struggled to stay a few steps ahead of the angry mob of villagers. A stone from a sling bounced off of his shoulder armor and he sped up to avoid the pitchforks jabbing at him. He realized now he had been tricked by a rival village to remove the strange fur covered daemon of the village that he was now escaping, the ones that hired him probably had some mischief in mind that this daemon could thwart. His blood ran cold as there was an eerie tittering sound catching up to him; was that damned thing flying up behind him?

Vodno-Village Daemon: AC 4 [+16], HD 4+3 (21hp), Att 1× bite or claw/pummel (1d8), THAC0 15 [+3], MV 150’ (50’), SV D8 W9 P10 B10 S12 (8), ML 8, AL Chaotic, XP 950, NA 1, TT L,N,O ▶ Spell-like Abilities: At will: Blur, Fly, Haste/Slow, Locate Object, Shrink (to size of a pixie), Wizard Lock, Once per day: Blacklight, Charm Monster, Confusion, Polymorph Other.

These strange earthbound daemons are often encountered in very rural villages, far from big cities. Humanoid and fur covered, these creatures also have a pig’s nose, large, bat-like ears, horns and a long tail like a monkey. Nobody knows their origins but these creatures love to cause trouble and mischief yet will sometimes help a hero of the village just out of their twisted loyalty to the people who they consider to be their people. While the villagers sometimes find these creatures endearing, outsiders consider them brutish and vile, which may cause the villagers to even defend their local daemon.

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