[New Spell] Collection of Reflections

Collection of Reflections

‘And just how are we going to move an army into our rival’s very court?’ the skeptical king asked his royal wizard-advisor.

‘I know an illusionist and for a fee he will prepare a device for us that can be used to transport your finest troops, my lord,’ replied the wizard.

‘And then?’ inquired the king.

‘And then this device is gifted to the Prince of Sorl and at the right time your ambassador releases the army by breaking the device. They will never know what hit them, my lord,’ the wizard answered sagely and with confidence.

‘Very well. How much will this cost me?’ the king asked.

The court wizard tried not to salivate as he contemplated his cut of the gold.

Although the king initially balked at the price three days later Sorl was his although he was not sure how and then he grew to fear that one day this could be his fate too and felt a twinge of guilt for having the Prince of Sorl beheaded.

Collection of Reflections (Illusionist)

Level 4

Range: Touch.

Duration: See below.

An enchanted mirror will collect the physical bodies of intelligent creatures that look within. Those who do yet not willingly so must make a Save versus Paralysis or be transported into the dull grey dimly lit room that appears in the mirror. Those trapped inside calling out to others often brings more victims in. Casting Remove Curse on the mirror or breaking it will suddenly release all trapped inside. While inside the mirror one does not require food or drink.

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