[New Magic Item] Ring of Glass Intangibility

Ring of Glass Intangibility

Three days in the small town and Bakra-do had to move twice, the third location was windowless and suddenly the assassin was unable to surprise the mercenary. While the the assassin tried to figure out other ways to get at his target Bakra-do sought out the small wizard’s shop and made a few heavy-handed inquiries. Then the mercenary made a visit of his own.

‘It’s the ring! Take it!’ the young assassin cried out as the shadowy figure approached him.

A gloved hand was extended palm upright and a ring dropped into it.

With a smile Bakra-do retreated back into the shadows and disappeared, wondering if the youthful killer would take up a more mundane occupation after this encounter.

A favorite of thieves who will go to great lengths to obtain one of these rings, merchants and royalty want every one of these rings destroyed.

Benefit: When worn this ring is always ‘on’ and sometimes the wearer is unaware of the ability granted as the enchantment causes all glass to be invisible and intangible to the wearer. Windows, panes in lanterns and items made of glass are all invisible and cannot be affected by the wearer of the ring.

Option: In addition to glass, frozen water (ice) is also affected the same way by the enchantment of this ring, although regular water and steam are not.

Usable by: Anyone.

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