[New Spell] Occasional Ghoul

Occasional Ghoul

‘We really need to find someone who can reverse this curse,’ Guvno said to Murgi the thief as the two sat at the bar. Murgi had his hood drawn low to obscure his face. A grisly hand with dirty, jagged claws gripped his tankard.

‘Oh, I don’t know, this isn’t so bad after a good meal,’ replied the thief in a gruesome voice.

‘You ate at the cemetary, that’s not normal,’ Guvno observed.

‘I ate at the cemetary today. Tomorrow I will be fine again,’ Murgi countered.

Guvno threw his hands in the air.

‘Just trying to help!’

‘We are fine for now,’ the ghoul-thief said with a grisly laugh.

Occasional Ghoul (Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: 20′.

Duration: Permanent until removed.

This simple curse causes the subject to become a ghoul at random for 1d6+2 hours per week, gaining +2 to Str and being able to cause paralysis with a touch and is immune to Sleep and Charm magic. During this temporary transformation the subject is voracious and will try to consume any dead in the vicinity at first and then will carry on with regular ghoulish activity and may be Turned by a cleric during this time. Remove Curse, Limited Wish and Wish will remove this foul magic.

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4 Responses to [New Spell] Occasional Ghoul

  1. Wofano Wantanto says:

    That’s great. I love curses that have enough mechanical benefits that they tempt the victim to tolerate their drawbacks while the rest of the party just wants them cured before the downsides cause problems for everyone involved. Talked more along that line over on my own blog here:


  2. Confanity says:

    Interesting. I can see clever characters using this to cause all sorts of horrible shenanigans.
    Any thoughts on how to determine *when* in a given week those 1d6+2 hours take place? And do they happen consecutively, or may they be scattered throughout the week?

    • bat says:

      Thank you for the comment! As to when I would apply it would be whenever is most inconvenient. A curse should not be useful to the sufferer.

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