[New Magic Item] Soaked Cloak

Soaked Cloak

The gnome illusionist returned to the campsite.

‘Not too close to the fire until you remove that cloak, mind you,’ cautioned Fellhorn the druid.

Changing course the gnome sat on a nearby stump and began fiddling with the bindings of his cloak.

‘Talking to your fish buddy again?’ asked the elf ranger.

‘Better conversation than talking to you, and more enlightening,’ replied the small illusionist.

‘And how is that?’ inquired the elf.

‘The fish man said that the trolls will be coming down from the mountains soon, it is time for them to stock up on food for winter,’ the gnome answered.

‘I could have told you that, all of the signs are all around us,’ the elf ranger said.

‘The fish man has a better disposition and is less snooty though,’ quipped the gnome as the elf frowned.

A shimmering greenish-blue cloak that is sometimes either overlooked as a magic item or thought to help one breathe underwater. It doesn’t.

Benefit: This enchanted cloak ties itself into a knot when placed around the neck of an individual. That person is then immediately drenched in whatever body of water is nearest with a +1 to their AC. The person remains soaked and no fire can be or will remain lit within 15′ of the individual with the exception of lanterns and other examples of flame shielded by glass. The wearer of this magical cloak can now speak the language of water elementals and that of intelligent fish people. The knot is tricky and requires one full turn (10 minutes) to untie. Completely dry when unworn.

Usable by: Anyone.

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