[New Spell] Just Stay In Your Grave

Just Stay In Your Grave

Murgi and Guvno were riding away from the improvisational cemetery that has swallowed up the ghoul and skeleton warband.

‘Do you think that the leader will come after us or the cleric that cast the spell that dragged them all underground?’ the thief asked.

‘I do not know, but to be on the safe side I suggest being as far away from that place as possible, that touch of th ghoul is too much for me,’ the wizard replied with a shiver as he urged his horse on through the dead leaves of a crisp autumn afternoon.

Just Stay In Your Grave (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: 60′.

Duration: One day per level of caster (see below).

When turning is not an option this spell creates a small graveyard before the caster that compels all undead within 100′ to not only go to this cemetery but also to let the ground devour them, sinking all undead below the surface. Those undead with less than 3HD will remain underground after the spell elapses while those with more than 3HD are expelled from the ground at that time and are then free to move about.

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