[New Magic Item] Pipe of the Unseen

Pipe of the Unseen

‘What’s the good news?’ Fellhorn the druid asked the halfing thief as he sharpened his scimitar.

‘The good news is that…I’m not sure what the good news is,’ replied the halfling.

‘And the bad news?’ asked the elf ranger.

‘There seem to be several entities approaching from the south,’ came the answer.

‘At least we know this, that is something,’ observed the gnome illusionist.

‘I’d almost rather not know,’ the elf said as he searched through his quiver for a magical arrow.

Fellhorn heaved a heavy sigh and began preparing spells to counter the undead.

Why do halflings always have magic pipes? Who knows, this one is handy for adventurers and those who raid tombs or get into other strange locations.

Benefit: Any form of tobacco or pipeweed smoked in this pipe will cause the magical device to produce smoky tendrils with long fingered hands that will point in the direction of any incorporeal undead, astral, ethereal or otherwise invisible to the naked eye entities within a 30′ radius. Type and number are revealed to the pipe smoker.

Usable by: Anyone.

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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Pipe of the Unseen

  1. Wofano Wantanto says:

    I’m going to choose to imagine the hands as looking exactly like the ones comic artist Carmine Infantino used to draw on caption boxes. 🙂

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