[New Magic Item] Xhol-Ghan’s Summoning Circle

Xhol-Ghan’s Summoning Circle

The succubus stood within the circle, a look of mischief on her face.

‘Aren’t you going to invite me out of this circle?’ she asked the merchant with a harmless tone in her voice.

The merchant stammered, his mind racing as he stared into those alluring eyes.

‘Yes, please, step out of that circle,’ he said as his heart raced.

Without hesitation the succubus stepped out of the summoning circle and grabbed the merchant by the throat.

‘Idiot. There is a reason that only spellcasters should use such magical items,’ she said as she turned her wrist and snapped his neck, the body falling to the wooden floor.

‘Now to take over this town of yours,’ the demon said with a wry smile.

A twelve foot (outer) diameter ring of smallish stones magically fused together. Weighs just over four hundred pounds and can be moved by rolling it on its side like a large wheel. You might need to roll it fast because there is probably an unruly mob somewhere looking to thrash its owner.

Benefit: When laid down upon any flat surface this portable summoning circle can be used in conjunction with a scroll or spellbook with a spell of summoning on it by anyone with an Intelligence of 9 or higher to summon whatever the spell they have handy will summon. The summoner will need to make a Charisma attribute roll to control what they summoned (with a -2 modifier for creatures of 6HD and up). Summoned creatures are restricted to remain within the summoning circle unless invited out by the one who called them. Spellcasters using this magic item suffer no penalties and their summonings are always controlled by the caster flawlessly.

Usable by: Anyone. And therein lies the problem.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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