[New Magic Item] Coin Keyed Boots

Coin Keyed Boots

An elaborate set of circumstances lead to Bakra-do purchasing the cursed boots and putting them on himself. However, it only took a few moments for the mercenary to notice his nemesis fiddling with a coin even as Bakra-do was forced to walk in circles due to the boots.

Taking advantage of a momentary break in his torment the mercenary deftly threw a knife which caused his foe to drop the coin and thus ended that attempt to get revenge on the mercenary.

A comfortable and snug pair of boots, clean and polished leather. Just slip them on, everything will be fine!

Benefit: These cursed boots have a coin secreted into one of the heels. Another coin, enchanted to be in tune with this coin allows the bearer of the second coin, if within line of sight of the one currently wearing the boots, to control their actions, making them speed up or slow down or even walk off in a random direction, yet cannot be used to put the wearer in a situation that would lead to immediate death, such as walking into a fire or deep pool for example. To remove this footwear takes a Remove Curse or Wish magic, although if one finds the coin in the heel (Wisdom attribute check with a -1 modifier) then they summon the other coin to their hand and can easily take off the boots. Wearing the boots while possessing both coins does nothing special due to the mischievous nature of this magical footwear.

Usable by: Anyone.

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