[New Magic Item] Follower’s Whistle

Follower’s Whistle

The shrill, high-pitched sound was impossible for the quartet in the tavern to ignore as each covered their ears, something which did not go unnoticed by the other patrons.

‘Anymore of that and you can go, you are bothering my other patrons,’ the tavern keeper said as he brought another round to the table.

‘Last one and we had better be going,’ one of the people at the table said.

‘Absolutely! Any more and I am sure that an irate wizard will be here to collect us before too long,’ said another.

‘Make sure of it then, I don’t need any angry wizards tearing this place up,’ the tavern keep said with a menacing scowl.

This finely made silver whistle looks unassuming and innocuous. When the boss calls, they know that you are listening.

Benefit: When sounded this whistle alerts all followers of the whistle’s bearer that they are being summoned by the one they follow. There is no compulsion to answer the call, but if you are a follower within two miles when this whistle is blown then you know that they know that you have been summoned although the magic item does not tell you where the whistle’s owner is.

Usable by: Anyone with followers.

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