[New Spell] I See Your Bones

I See Your Bones

‘We are not alone here,’ Ohlmi the priestess whispered to Murgi the thief.

‘Who is with us?’ the thief asked as he looked around nervously.

‘An old rival creeps up on us, a priestess of Chaos,’ Ohlmi replied.

‘Aren’t you a priestess of Chaos?’ Murgi asked as he stumbled through his recollections in his mind.

‘Different deities entirely. And that isn’t the point. We are here to grab the artifact and get out. She is about twenty feet to your left,’ the priestess whispered.

Murgi looked to his left in a panic.

‘I don’t see her,’ he replied.

‘Of course not, she stole my magic ring years ago,’ Olhmi said and then she threw a small bag passed the thief and it struck something and fell open, spreading powder and revealing a previously unseen person.’Better now? Do you see her too’

Murgi lunged forward, daggers ready to cut.

I See Your Bones (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Line of sight.

Duration: One turn per level of cleric.

This divine spell allows clerics to see the bones of one that they are seeking. The caster must at least know the name of the being or have seen them before. For this spell an exoskeleton does count as bones for a named entity with an exoskeleton, however incorporeal undead do not have physical bones. The effect is often a bright glow of bones which will betray even those who are invisible. Targets of this spell with more than 6HD receive a Save versus Spells to resist this divine magic.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] I See Your Bones

  1. Useful for a healer, as well. 🙂

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