[New Magic Item] Davradokar’s Awkward Arrows

Davradokar’s Awkward Arrows

The linkboy feel with a gasp, an arrow in his chest.

The next arrow pierced the gnome illusionist’s arm, causing the demi-human to squeal in pain.

‘Would you either hit that charging minotaur or stay out of the way, you are a menace!’ exclaimed Fellhorn the druid as he cast a spell at the minotaur through gritted teeth as the monster raised its axe.

As the spell hit the minotaur and caused it to roar in pain the next arrow that the elf range shot from his bow hit the minotaur in the throat and stopped the creature, wounded by the druid’s magic, dead in its tracks. With a mewl of bewilderment the creature dropped its axe and fell to the ground in a heap.

‘Is the minotaur down or what?’ asked the elf as he waved a hand at the dying beast.

‘So is the linkboy, the lantern bearer yesterday when you shot at the squirrel and you have wounded our illusionist,’ Fellhorn replied.

The elf ranger smirked, contemplating the arrows he had found in the old shrine.

It is said that under great pressure the enchanter Davaradokar was tasked with enchanting a large number of the tyrant Uldro the Vile’s arrows for his army. Being a rush job some mistakes were made in the process and the enchanter disappeared without a trace.

Benefit: These arrows are often found in plentiful groups, because they have been dumped by those who find out what they do. Each arrow will function on the result of a d6 roll as follows:

1-Hits archer in foot for 1d4+2 damage.

2-3-Hits person to left, friend of foe, for 1d6 damage.

4-5-Hits person to the right, friend or foe, for 1d6 damage.

6-Hits intended target for 1d8+1 damage.

Option: A Dexterity attribute check may be implemented after one of these arrows is fired to add 1d4 to the result afterwards, which still does not guarantee a hit, but does keep you from shooting yourself in the foot.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a bow.

Mix with Rorshachhamster’s Ammo Dice for extra fun!

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