[New Spell] Omnivorous Vegetation

Omnivorous Vegetation

Murgi the thief and Olhmi the priestess had only gotten a few feet into the glade when they noticed that something was wrong as the weeds began nipping at their hands. Both adventurers raised their hands and hurried forward until the old beech tree that stood between a narrow rock ravine revealed its snapping maw.

‘Have a spell for this?’ Murgi asked. Ohlmi paused a moment to think.

‘At this point most of the spells will damage us too,’ she replied.

‘Why are we chasing this druid again?’ the thief asked.

‘He insulted the prince of Bnid and has a price on his head for it,’ the priestess replied.

‘High enough price to try to wiggle passed that tree?’ Murgi asked.

‘No. Not at all. We will find another way,’ Olhmi replied.

Murgi sighed and started fighting his way backwards as the bloodthirsty shrubs and weeds bit at him, causing more minor wounds.

Omnivorous Vegetation (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 50′ radius + 10’/level.

Duration: One turn per level of druid.

All plant life within the radius of the spell has become rather peckish and photosynthesis is not on the menu currently. Clumps of small plants attack as 1HD monsters while trees attack as 4HD monsters, with clumps of weeds/grass and bushes dealing 1d4 damage while trees bite for 1d8 damage. In enchanted glades and near druid groves the duration may become permanent if cast again in the same area within 48 hours. Druids may pass through areas affected by this magic without being attacked.

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