[New Magic Item] Hammer of St Vahl

Hammer of St Vahl

The elf ranger swung the wooden war hammer with glee.

‘Not its smarts again!’ pleaded the gnome illusionist.

‘Too late,’ quipped the elf who suddenly paused as if gaining some strange insight as the ogre, struck again, dropped its club and stared at its own fingers in wonder.

‘This will backfire somehow,’ Fellhorn the druid said ominously.

‘Yout two worry too much,’ the elf ranger said as three more ogres showed up, enraged and with large rusty swords.

Suddenly an obscuring wall of shadows sprang up between the two sides as the monstrous humanoids bellowed in rage.

‘Let’s go,’ whispered the gnome after casting the spell, ushering the other two quietly away from the fracas.

This almost delicate looking magical hammer is entirely made of oak with a long thin handle and the head of the hammer appearing as a stylized bearded human or dwarven head. Considered a major artifact by some scholars.

Benefit: This enchanted hammer deals 1d6 hit points of damage in combat or 1d4 points of loss to Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution or Intelligence, decided by the one striking with the hammer, although only living things may be drained this way, not undead, constructs, etc. Attribute loss is temporary and may be regained at one point per day. Lost/stolen points are stored in the hammer, up to twenty points in Attributes in any ratio, the item’s owner may use no more than four points per day. These gains are also temporary and wear off one per day yet confer the bonuses as they would if the individual actually had them for that day.

Option: Weapon only deals damage regardless of point of impact unless a called shot (-3 to hit) is made specifically to drain attribute points- Head for Intelligence or Wisdom, Hands for Dexterity, Torso for Constitution, Arm or Leg for Strength.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a war hammer.

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