[New Magic Item] Not Quite Dead Charm

Not Quite Dead Charm

The mercenary Bakra-do fought the efreeti for some time when he realized that the fiery creature was going to get the best of him and show no mercy.

‘Get back in the bottle,’ Bakra-do implored.

‘DIE!’ hissed the efreeti as it raised its flaming sword.

At that point the mercenary remembered a small charm he had been carrying for some time and was advised only to use in the most dire of situations. Without hesitation he broke the glass encasing the purple mushroom, wiped the glass away and ate it. The sight of this caused even the efreeti to pause a moment as Bakra-do fought back with renewed ferocity. The creature of smoke and fire, wounded time and time again by the magical swords of the mercenary finally fell to its wounds, suddenly gone in a flash of fire and smoke, its sword dropping to the ground.

Then a minstrel appeared from nowhere, strumming a lute while singing a song of Bakra-do’s heroism.

‘Ah, the curse I must bear,’ the mercenary said.

‘Only for a week or so,’ replied the minstrel as he paused to tune his lute.

These strange charms appear as dark purplish mushrooms encased in a thin layer of glass. Only break the glass if you really need to!

Benefit: When death is imminent one need only break the glass and eat one of these strange mushrooms. Immediately the individual has 20 hit points, which will either remain if the subject has 20 or more hit points or reduce down one per hour to the maximum if not after the frst hour after eathing the mushroom. This also brings upon the individual a random curse which they must bear for the duration, if Remove Curse, Wish or other magic is used, willingly or not, to remove the curse then the individual instantly gains ANOTHER random curse and suffers -20 hit points of damage, which along may kill the subject. When caster level is an option for the curse default is a 7th level caster.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Not Quite Dead Charm

  1. Glenn Robinson says:

    I love this item, and the minstrel curse is one of my favourites! Great stuff, sir.


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