[New Encounter] Guild of Hedges and Borders

Guild of Hedges and Borders

‘Is there a way back from the seventh hell?’ Bakra-do asked the guild members before him.

‘Of course there is, there is an easy path if you know where to look,’ came the reply.

‘And you will help me back out?’ the mercenary asked.

‘If you retrieve the item for us we will not only extract you from that infernal plane, we will also recompense you handsomely for your services,’ replied another of the guild members.

‘When do we start?’ Bakra-do asked.

The Guild of Hedges and Borders is a tightknit group of adventurers and explorers who pose as wardens and watchers of borders and boundaries. In reality this group tries their best to control their designated areas from extra-planar invasions and assist travelers to other planes via pointing out portals and finding the right magic items, for the right reasons and price. As many members thrive on knowledge they often move about the Material Plane to learn about other portals in other areas and may rotate through several lodges (the headquarters for the Guild are often lodges outside of cities and towns). To be recognized each guild member bears a magical coin to gain entrance to a guild lodge.

In the game: Anyone looking for a way to another plane is wise to consult the Guild of Hedges and Borders to find the safest path as they keep abreast of traffic through nearby portals and almost every lodge has a cache of magic items used to aid in planar travel and surviving the sometimes hostile conditions on other planes of existence. From time to time the guild contacts the brave, willing or desperate to go ‘out there’ on a mission for them.

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