[New Magic Item] Shadowship


‘Is this safe?’ the elf ranger asked as he stepped into the strange shadowy boat.

The dwarf grumbled.

‘As long as your gold is good,’ he replied.

The elf looked at the gnome and scowled.

‘It is safe, we need to get to Fellhorn, across this strange lake and rescue him from the lair of the siren princess,’ the gnome illusionist said.

‘Something tells me that he is not in that much danger,’ the elf retorted.

Nobody spoke as the strange small boat made its way across the lake. At one point a large aquatic troll swam close to them, yet the tumultuous runes seemed to daze the thing and it swam off to find easier prey. The same happened near their destination with a trio of underwater ghouls.

‘I will admit that your boat is quite useful,’ the elf said grudingly as they landed safely on the other side.

The dwarf nodded his gratitude for the compliment and gnome and elf wandered off into the early morning mist to find their companion.

Shadowships are thought to have been made by dwarves at first in ages long ago. Only after many years did they teach this magic to a few human spellcasters. These are very rare and sought after conveyances when water travel of a few is a must.

Benefit: Out of the water a shadowship is basically weightless and can be easily carried. In water these vessels gain tangibility and where the boat touches water runes seethe and swim furiously, protecting the boat from harm. These runes confuse sea monsters and raiders of all kinds, all would-be attackers must make a Save versus Paralysis with a -2 modifier to even be able to engage in combat with the boat and its inhabitants, all within are +1 to Hit and Damage. Ship is a bit of a misnomer as the boat holds up to eight and their gear and can take 30 hits of damage before sinking. On the water the ship moves slowly by a sail or a pair of oars, on land it must be stored out of direct sunlight for exposure to sunlight for four hours will cause five points of damage per hour until the boat dissipates into nothingness. The sacrifice of a 4th level or higher spell will repair five hit points to the vessel as long as at least ten hit points remain.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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