[New Magic Item] Cloak of Blood

Cloak of Blood

‘Fine, squab,’ the elf ranger said to the gnome illusionist.

The gnome reached out and touched the cloak the elf wore and as he did so the deep red stains of the fallen manticore’s blood seemed to dissipate and the gnome breathed a sigh of relief as his worst wound healed.

Fellhorn the druid appeared, looking haggard and worn.

‘Berries?’ the druid said, offering some small berries that he had enchanted earlier in the day.

‘I used the elf’s cloak, I’m good,’ the gnome said.

The elf reached out his hand and took a few berries, as he did so a deep gash, made by the claws of the defeated monster, was revealed.

‘You…,’ the gnome started to say.

‘Am sometimes kind? Tell anyone and die,’ the elf said with a smirk.

This dark greenish cloak will show any blood spilled on it in a vibrant and obvious manner. Highly prized by adventurers.

Benefit: Any time the wearer of this cloak is harmed in combat and any blood is spilled by the wearer or their opponent(s) this cloak will absorb up to 10 hit points of blood which can be used after combat is ended to heal as many hit points as the cloak has absorbed up to ten. Blood shed out of combat is not absorbed. To heal one must grip the cloak and anyone, wearing the cloak or not, can benefit from the healing ability of this enchanted item. When all of the blood is drained for healing the cloak will become unstained again.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Cloak of Blood

  1. Rich McGee says:

    That’s pretty neat. Wonder if a vampire or similar blood-hungry critter could feed off the cloak’s charge? Usually magical healing hurts undead but this might be an exception.

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