[New Spell] Sticks In Mud

Sticks In Mud

The berserk ogre howled in rage as it was bogged down in mud as Knat the druidess skipped along the perimeter of her spell.

‘Are you going to behave now and not raid this village? You know the villagers might even give you payment to protect them?’ the druidess said as the village chief looked a bit puzzled.

The ogre sulked.

‘You could be a hero then,’ Knat suggested.

The ogre looked at her as the possibility sank in, it nodded to her.

‘Excellent! Now you shake hands with the chief and if I hear any more bullyng from you I will be back and this encounter will be nothing compared to what you will get,’ she said as she dispelled her enchantment and the ogre slowly advanced, lumbering over the nervous village chief. They shook hands.

‘You keep the ogre fed, he protects you from marauders, okay?’

The village chief cracked a half-smile and nodded wondering how he was going to keep an ogre fed on top of all of the people in the village and pay their share to the prince.

Sticks In Mud (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 10’x10′ area +5’/level

Duration: One turn per level of caster or until dispelled.

When targeted upon a patch of earth, no matter how dry, the ground will swell with water and a thick mud will appear, hindering all travel down to one-third of normal travel for the duration of the spell. If use in conjunction with a Slow spell upon any pursuers mobement is restricted to one-quarter of normal. After the spell’s duration lapses or the enchantment is dispelled the ground returns to normal.

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