[New Magic Item] Enchanted Crystal Daggers

Enchanted Crystal Daggers

One crystal dagger was embedded in a a wooden pillar where it landed after being thrown. Another lay broken on the stone floor. Murgi pulled one from his bleeding leg as his assailant held another menacingly in one hand.

‘How many of those things have you got?’ the thief asked his would-be assassin.

‘Enough to kill you, interloper,’ snarled his opponent.

‘Interloper? I didn’t think anyone had been here in ages,’ Murgi said in his defense as he held his mace ready to strike.

Suddenly a bright light engulfed the assassin’s head. He howled in pain and rage, dropping his crystal dagger and staggering off, a beacon of light fading in the darkness of the distance that eventually engulfed him.

‘What took you so long?’ Murgi asked without looking at the stairs behind him.

‘A surly bugbear bandit needed a lesson in manners,’ Olhmi replied.

She picked the crystal dagger up from the floor.

‘These are highly sought after, I think I know how to operate them,’ the cleric said as she placed the dagger on the thief’s forearm and the weapon slowly and painlessly sank into his flesh leaving a small round protrusion.

‘Press that when you need a knife,’ the priestess advised the thief.

Magically hardened and sharpened crystal daggers. Most look a little simplistic, yet all are functional.

Benefit: These magical daggers deal 1d4+2 points of damage in combat, which makes them valuable to most anyone. However the most imortant aspect of these enchanted weapons is that holding one for two rounds against one’s body causes the knife to ‘sink’ harmlessly into living flesh, leaving a raised round mark, similar to a button. The dagger can be held indefinitely in this state and once the ‘button’ is pressed the dagger is released from the owner’s body. Every three combat rounds roll 1d6. A result of ‘1’ means that the dagger has broken and the magic is lost.

Usable by: Anyone alive.

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