[New Magic Item] Brownie’s Gems

Brownie’s Gems

Murgi pondered the agates, garnets and various crystals scattered about the tabletop.

‘What’s wrong?’ asked Olhmi.

‘It was very nice of the brownies to transform our things into gems to make them easy to carry, but now that we can unpack I don’t know which gem is what,’ the thief replied.

‘Does it matter? Just be grateful that they helped us,’ the priestess said.

‘I think they wanted us to leave the cottage in the forest and making the load lighter was a great incentive to find a way out of that dilapidated place,’ the thief commented.

‘Just use the word they gave us and unpack things, it will be fine,’ Olhmi said.

‘But I didn’t want to unpack everything in case we move again soon,’ Murgi said.

‘Why would we have to?’ Olhmi asked.

The thief smiled and shrugged.

‘Just be low key at first with your profession,’ suggested the priestess.

Small, rough gems and crystals, often found in a little pile amongst tree roots. Just let them be!

Benefit: Usually found as small, rough, uncut gems, crystals, garnets, agates, etc, brownies and other fey creatures use these as currency, for gambling or just as a stash while moving house. These small semi-precious stones and crystals are really polymorphed items that are easily carried around and identified (usually by a coding system known to brownies and other fey creatures). The actual size of the object doesn’t matter and some brownies will polymorph human or even giant sized items for others to make them easy to carry. Dispel Magic or a fey command word (“Voxvexgliew”) will undo the polymorph spell and return the item to its original state.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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