[New Magic Item] Poison of Ghosts

Poison of Ghosts

Uzeb the Wise scowled over at Jaundo. Three wailing ghosts surrounded the fighter, causing a scene everywhere the adventurers went.

‘We need to find a cleric to sort this out,’ the wizard said.

‘It will go away in time,’ Jaundo said as he swatted at a ghost that was clawing and howling at him.

‘When? We cannot even buy anything, people are running off in fear,’ retorted Uzeb.

‘That last priest we met was covered in spiders, and that, to me, is much worse than a few ghosts hanging around until this poison wears off,’ Jaundo countered.

‘Not everyone ran away from those spiders like they do your ghosts,’ quipped Uzeb.

Some things are worse than death, like constantly having to deal with the undead. Be careful when handling.

Benefit: The volatile extraction, made from a plethora of disturbing ingredients, causes those who either imbibe this in food or a drink or suffer from a stab wound from a weapon coated in this strange poison to make a Save versus Poison with a -1 penalty. Those who fail take 1d4 points of damage (additional if contact was via weapon) that does not heal naturally. In addition, 1d4 ghosts will harangue and harass the victim, and while their only real attack is causing modified Fear via this poison (not ageing, yet those around may flee the area in Fear for 1d6 rounds up to three times, after this they are immune), the constant howling and wailing of the incorporeal undead makes it difficult for those in the vicinity to concentrate, the living in a 20′ radius all suffer -1 to hit and damage in combat. Effects of this poison last 1d4 days. Just handling this poison gives one a 10% chance of being affected by it.

Usable by: Anyone.

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