[New Magic Item] Wizard’s Lizard Wand

Wizard’s Lizard Wand

The huge lizard lunged forward, biting at the mercenary. Bakra-do deftly avoided the poisonous bite of the thing while sinking two sharp blades into it just under the shoulders. The lizard gasped in pain and fell, its heart pierced.

With a sneer the sorcerer flicked the wand in his hand one more time and another giant lizard appeared, this one with hideously big claws.

The mercenary’s shoulders slumped.

‘How many more of these things does he have?’ he lamented.

‘Not more than I have spiders!’ Valance announced as he appeared suddenly, dozens of spiders in tow. The sorcerer let out a cry and vanished out a window of the ruined tower in a puff of black smoke at the sight of the priest of the Spider God’s allies.

A wand of green elm with strange runes etched in it. Very handy in warm climates.

Benefit: Normally carrying about six charges, this enchanted wand can call forth a giant lizard, the size being dependent upon the caster’s level; a 1st -3rd level magic-user can summon one 4HD lizard per charge, a 4th through 6th level wizard can call forth a 5 or 6 HD lizard and casters over 6th level can summon one 7HD plus lizard. The lizard will follow the caster’s commands and will serve the summoner for 1d6 turns after which time it wanders off if not encouraged to remain through magic or food. This wand is rechargeable.

Option: The referee may roll one d6 each time the wand is used. A result of ‘6’ means that instead of lizards that lizard folk are summoned instead, with the same HD equivalents. Dealing with these strange intelligent reptilians may be easier or harder for the summoner.

Usable by: Magic-users.

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