[New Magic Item] Petals of the Yontiko Flower

Petals of the Yontiko Flower

The menacing ogre roared again.

Uzeb the Wise and Jaundo looked at each other and laughed.

This only frustrated the monstrous humanoid more and it flew into a rage swinging its club haphazardly at the duo. Both deftly avoided the strikes.

Uzeb raised his hands and muttered a spell. The ogre began to slowly raise up off of the ground, flailing and snarling until the wizard gently placed the ogre on top of the crumbling tower. As the creature snarled the tiles beneath it creaked and cracked and the ogre started to panic.

‘This should give us time to get far enough away to not be bothered by this lout, at least for a while,’ the wizard said.

As the adventurers left and the ogre moved ever so slightly and very, very carefully over the tiles looking for a slow way down to the ground the monster vowed to never attack those who glowed blue again.

Unnaturally bright blue petals that have a soft glow they make their surroundings look mysterious and fey. Always found in remote glades and groves deep in woods and protected by fierce guardians who will only allow the worthy to leave with any of these magical petals.

Benefit: Each petal, once eaten, grants the consumer a +1 to Dex and Con and a +2 to all rolls for Fear or against hostile illusions. These effects do not stack and last for 2d4+2 hours and it is obvious when the magic wears off because those who ate the petals no longer glow a soft blue. If the flowers were picked without permission there is a 75% chance that 1d4 sprites or pixies and 1d4 sylphs or nymphs will harass the thieves. If bartered for or given the petals there is no hostility from the fey. Petals retain their vitality for one year after being picked.

Usable by: Anyone.

About bät

I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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