[New Magic Item] Bag of Mirth

Bag of Mirth

Bakra-do entered the fray with both short swords drawn. Yet as he approached one of the hobgoblin bandits he saw the goblin shaman fumble with something out of the corner of his eye and then the odd and slightly eerie sound of laughter filled the small grotto. The mercenary struggled a moment then he sheathed his weapons and joined the goblinoids in laughing at apparently nothing.

After several moments the laughter died down and the mercenary and bandits regained their composure.

‘What were we fighting about?’ the human asked.

‘More importantly, where did the goblin go?’ one of the hobgoblins asked in the common language as the the bandits looked around for their goblin leader.

A well embroidered cloth bag with enchanted silver and gold thread woven into it. Radiates magic.

Benefit: Once per day when this bag is opened it will cause all living sentient creatures within 20′ feet (excluding extra-planar and deaf beings) to fall into a state of merriment from listening to the laughter coming from the bag that fails a Save versus Paralyzation with a -2 modifier. Those affected will stop all combat or other aggressive behavior and be trapped laughing at most anything for 1d6 rounds and will come out of the affect of the magical bag as if under the effects of a Confusion spell, slightly confused and bewildered.

Usable by: Anyone.

About bät

I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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