[New Magic Item] Box Kite of Flight

Box Kite of Flight

‘Is this the best way to cross the Lake of Groln?’ Murgi asked as he contemplated the cold water before them.

‘Without a spell for flying and with no boats around I am afraid so, I am glad that we could afford these as it is, most never sell magic items,’ replied Olhmi.

‘Desperate times, I suppose,’ the thief said as he prepared to sail over the enormous lake on a dubious looking kite.

‘Here goes nothing!’ the priestess said and she said the magic word that activated the kite. She lifted off of the ground almost instantly, as if she weighed very little.

The thief took off after her, reluctant, yet determined to cross the lake.

The two were nearly three quarters of the way over the water when they saw something approaching in the distance.

‘Is that a giant bird of some sort?’ Murgi shouted.

‘No, it is too big to be a bird, maybe a dragon?’ Olhmi shouted back.

At that point Murgi began to panic as he steered for the shore.

The magic is in the cords used to keep one in the air. Beware of giant eagles, griffons, dragons and anything else that might want to harass you in the air.

Benefit: Not the most stable of enchanted items, the Box Kite of Flight utilizes two thick cords that one uses to steer the kite. No wind is necessary, but it helps. The kit can fly up to 15 miles per hour (roughly 24 kilometers per hour) on a still to slightly breezy day and with winds can travel much faster. The maximum height is about 100 feet (30 meters). For basic flight a Dexterity attribute check is required, if a storm, magical winds or other circumstances arise a Dex check every other round is required with a penalty of -1 to -3 depending on the severity of the complication. This type of magic sometimes attracts aerial combatants who are +1 to hit in combat. This magic makes the user weigh no more than 30 lbs while in flight for characters up to Medium in size.

Usable by: Anyone with two arms.

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