[New Magic Item] Brush Eye Wand

Brush Eye Wand

‘Is anything happening?’ Vistis the Blue Mage asked.

‘Some thief is skulking outside our door,’ Stork replied with a grin, revealing his shark-like teeth.

A muffled scream was heard outside after the wizard finished his spell.

‘I must admit I am jealous of that bauble,’ Vistis said.

‘Have a turn. But you must paint the eye yourself somewhere for the magic to work,’ Stork said as he tossed the wand onto the table.

The crafty illusionist snatched up the wand, turned his masked head for a moment in thought then chuckled to himself and took off out the door to fetch more paint and do a bit of artistry of his own.

A thin cedar wand with a brush of fine manticore beard at one end. Paint not included.

Benefit: The bearer of this enchanted brush may paint an eye upon any solid, non-living surface and may see through up to three of these eyes, one at a time, in three different locations, although this takes concentration to do so. Spellcasters have the added bonus of being able to cast appropriate spells of up to 3rd level through this eye (Touch spell may be cast if the eye is upon a construct with arms). The range is continuous to other planes if the wand’s owner painted an eye Elsewhere.

Usable by: Anyone, better for spellcasters though.

About bät

I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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