[New Magic Item] Ring of Bargaining

Ring of Bargaining

‘You could sell salt to the slugfolk of Yasu-Nbi!’ exclaimed Patches the henchman.

Sliken the Wily rubbed the silver circle on the ring finger of his left hand superstitiously at the comment.

‘I don’t know about that, but we did sell those goblins broken weapons and armor for a tidy sum,’ the thief said with a devious smile.

‘Yes, which was much better than them attacking us. Once they got close they listened to your every word. I was afraid that the one goblin was going to try to take my place!’ the henchman exclaimed.

‘Oh no, you are far to valuable….for now,’ the thief said to the henchman to keep him on his toes.

Thin silver ring with runes carved on its outside. Many have lost their fingers, and more their lives, when it was discovered that they were using this magic item.

Benefit: In situations where negotiations and bargaining is used this ring automatically grants its wearer a +3 to all Charisma rolls as well as a +1 to Charisma in general. In addition the wearer may create an aura of awe in a 20′ radius twice per day. This awe is like a minor Confusion or Suggestion spell that causes all within the 20′ radius to be awestruck by the individual and generally go along with a what they are saying as long as it is not completely against their beliefs. In this case the individual may make a Save versus Paralysis to resist the ring’s power.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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