[New Magic Item] Ghost Coins

Ghost Coins

‘What did they want?’ Olhmi asked as she craned her neck around Murgi’s shoulder to keep an eye on the two miscreants; Sliken the Wily and Patches his henchman.

‘Oh, they wanted to travel with us for a while through the badlands, but I said that this was a bad idea,’ Murgi replied.

‘Maybe not so bad, there is strength in numbers after all,’ the priestess said.

‘Those two have some coins stolen from the lair of a lich in the Astral plane. Those coins are tainted, it isn’t worth it, we will be harrassed by undead all the time,’ the thief explained.

Olhmi made a face at Sliken and Patches.

‘So they wanted me to turn the undead for them until they could unload their dirty money?’ Olhmi asked.

‘In a nutshell, yes,’ answered the thief.

The priestess grunted her displeasure, spun on her heel and stomped off. Murgi turned to Sliken and Patches and shrugged then turned to join Olhmi.

So apparently you CAN take it with you, or at least accumulate it, after you have deceased. And even bring it back!

Benefit: These mysteriously enchanted coins are immaterial to living creatures and constructs although they can be seen, however to the undead these coins are tangible currency that they can use for various things on other planes or among themselves in a necropolis or graveyard, etc. Unintelligent undead even have a 25% chance of acknowledging and coveting this magical currency. The only way for the living to make these coins tangible for them is to become ethereal or travel in an astral body to an outer plane where these coins are real to them and bring them back to their physical body where the currency will become tangible. All undead within 30′ of the individual carrying these converted coins will be aware of this ‘conversion’ and will be eager to reclaim the coins for the dead.

Usable by: Anyone, somewhat, see above.

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